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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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stationed at the airport, but added there was chaos when first responders got to the crash site. >> as you recall, we had both a fire and mass casualty incident, so people were exiting off the aircraft and we had a live fire. >> reporter: the chief says they have reached out to the three chinese teens who died, but have not heard back. the chinese consulate says there are eight family members of the three girls still in the bay area forced to deal with the aftermath, including talking to attorneys and have not indicated if there's interest with a meeting with san francisco fire. >> i think they are very, you know, in deep sorrow inside. >> reporter: san francisco police sent out a specialized team to reconstruct the scene to investigate, but no word on when that investigation will be complete. as for the fire department, we know that no firefighters are on
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leave because of this. the chief, though, saying that the department will review protocol to see if anything could have been done differently. >> stephanie, thank you. ironically, that same flight, asiana flight 214, had problems today, as the boeing 777 was approaching the sfo runway, the pilot asked for a go around, circling back for a second attempt. this is not uncommon, but it was nerve-racking for many passengers. >> you hear those numbers and the same thing happens again. all you hope for is the best. >> she was waiting for a relative to arrive. the go around is a call to abort the landing. the same thing happened with the pilots that crashed almost two weeks ago. only that time, as you know, it was too late to abort. we don't know why the pilot today asked for the go around. it took another 20 minutes to land. quite the joyride. an ac transit bus stolen and
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driven more than 90 miles from san francisco when it was finally stopped. chp officers laid down a spike strip outside the town of oakdale. this is cell phone video from someone who saw the bus and heard the sirens blaring. it was stolen from a temporary terminal in san francisco, just before 10:00 this morning. by the time the bus reached stockton, the chp was hot on its tail. the driver was traveling within the speed limit. officers say the driver stopped and did not resist arrest once the bus was disabled. he is a white male in his 30s. police are searching for a man who exposed himself to a child. we have surveillance video to take a look at. this is inside the barnes and nobles store near the hillsdale shopping center. a 10-year-old girl was reading with her family. the map came up to the girl when she was in the children's book
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section and brought her to a different part of the store. that's where he exposed himself and touched her. this happened june 23. detectives are asking for the community for help. the san francisco crime lab technician who pleaded guilty to stealing cocaine evidence was sentenced today. debbie madden will not go to jail. she was sentenced to five years probation, which was not a surprise. it was part of a plea deal which reduced the charges. madden went to trial twice already for felony charges of stealing cocaine being tested as evidence. but both trials ended in hung juries. madden must serve a year of home confinement with an ankle bracelet, community service and pay a final of $5,000. a deputy stopped an armed robbery in progress. one man was shot and killed at the scene. police contacted local hospitals looking for a second man who may
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have been shot but got away. police started getting 911 calls at 10:30 last night at the market on high street. police say an off duty deputy had to be inside the store. there was a confrontation, that's when he fired. a south bay lack contaminated by mercury, just off of coleman. damian trujillo is there live with details on the plans. >> reporter: the locals say they want to save the lake. the valley water district says it wants to save the lake. the debate is over how to do that. the problem, as you mentioned, is that the creek that feeds into the lake contains mercury from the historic quicksilver mines. the water district is studying several options to keep the
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mercury out of the lake. one option is to build a canal through the middle of the lake. another is to convert the lake into two or three separate lakes. but most of those options would require the water district to fill in part of the lake with dirt, and that's what the neighbors don't want. >> we're afraid some of it will become turf and we'll lose our lake. we're afraid for our safety, because the lake has been used for fire prevention. >> if we do nothing, they will have an abatement order. >> reporter: that would force the water district to find a solution immediately with no public input. the study team hopes to send the water district board its recommendation in another year. after all the studies are complete. the final option is called
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oxygenation. they're doing a trial study on that at a reservoir nearby. and if that works on that reservoir, it might work here, as well. and then problem solved. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. >> >> after a long absence, it's back. downtown san jose's tradition of music in the park returns. they've been setting up for this day, all day long. it's a one-night concert tonight, by the grammy winning rock band. it started as a way to bolster downtown shopping and dining, but a stabbing in 2011 stopped the program in 2012. >> we transferred it over to the st. james park, which is a lot bigger. it accommodates a lot more people. in addition, we fenced off the area where the concert is going to be held. and in addition to that, there's also a paid entrance.
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>> that paid entrance is right here the beginning -- right near the front of it. ticket also cost $10. there will be private security. in southern california, a raging wildfire is moving dangerously close to more homes. these are live pictures are our nbc helicopter in los angeles. they're flying above the mountains in riverside county. you can see lots of billowing smoke. this fire is humongous. seven homes have been destroyed. >> it's pretty sad. i almost feel worse about the mountains than my house burning, because you can rebuild a house. the mountains are really sad. i have a hard time with that.
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>> dozens of aircraft and more than 3,000 firefighters have been brought in to battle these flames. the fire right now is only 15% contained. a forest service spokesman says human activity was the cause of the fire but would not elaborate. temperatures here in the bay area are on the rise, meaning fire danger is a concern. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with where that danger will be the highest. >> i do want to start off with good news, that's the fact we're not under a true offshore wind event, like back in the 'nin90s where we had the oakland hills fire. 10 to 25 miles per hour is the please, but despite the cooling wind, it's hot inland, like in livermore, walnut creek and lafayette with temperatures in the low to mid 90s. tomorrow, more heat is expected. while we're not going to have
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gusty winds, humidity will be low, 10% to 20%, especially if the hills with conditions in the 90s. that's going to be the highest fire danger on saturday with. that said, elevated fire danger expected throughout the saturday, with all of california under a drought. we are tracking thunderstorms and showers. that's going to help that fire in southern california but may continue our fire threat. more on when we could have lightning and thunder here across the bay area coming up in the full forecast. still ahead at 5:00, full speed ahead. tessla is pushing forward the new expansion plans in the east day. also -- >> there are very few african-american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store. that includes me. >> he sees trayvon in himself. the president gets personal on a case that's prompted protest and discussions across the nation. you want to improve your
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life? start with your job. the best places here in the bay area to have a work life balance. back in a moment.
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it was perhaps the most candid day of his presidency. president obama walked into the white house briefing room, up announced, and addressed the killing of trayvon martin. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is, trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> the president said he was profiled himself on several occasions before being elected into the senate, including shopping in a department store and crossing the street where he could hear drivers locking their doors. he said he understands why the african-american community is
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reacting more strongly to this type of case, given its painful history. but he added that a jury has spoken. he did call for a review of the stand your ground law. trayvon martin's parents said they were deeply honored and moved by the president's remarks. george zimmerman will not immediately get back that 9 millimeter gun he used to shoot trayvon martin. the department of justice requested a hold on evidence from the trial. a law enforcement official says a hold like this is not out of the norm. it's standard procedure and does not indicate the doj plans to take on a new prosecution of zimmerman. federal prosecutors say they're opening up a civil rights investigation, but self-rights lawyers think charges are unlikely. new details now, the massachusetts police officer who released the dramatic photos of the boston bombing suspect moments before he was captured has been suspended. sergeant shawn murphy was not
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authorized to release these photos showing dzhokhar tsarnaev. he relosed them in response to the controversial "rolling stone" cover that showed dzhokhar tsarnaev looking like a rock star. that sparked outrage across the nation. cvr, rite aid and wall greens announced they would not carry that "rolling stone" issue out in stores today. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the aurora theater massacre that killed 12 and injured 70. many events are being held. across the country. >> the tragic shooting like the one in aurora, and in newtown, opened the country's eyes to the fact that we have a serious problem with gun violence in america. >> the suspect in the theater shooting, james holmes, goes on trial next february. he's pleaded not guilty by
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reason of insanity. michael jackson's mother took the stand in the wrongful death lawsuit she filed against aeg live. it's the first time she's been a witness in a trial involving her son's death. she blames aeg live saying it was responsible for the doctor who gave propofol. lawyers say there is no way they could have known about the drug injections he was giving jackson. a legal battle may be nearing the finish line. toyota is getting closer so settling $1 billion worth of lawsuits, filed after claims toyota cars were accelerating on their own. today, a california judge says he's approving a deal to settle hundreds of related lawsuits. california's unemployment rate is going down, it decreased slightly from may to june and more than 2% over last year.
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california is improving at a faster rate than some other states, adding more than 30,000 jobs. more than any other state on a month over month basis. in june of 2012, only two states had unemployment rates higher than california, but this june, eight states had heighter rates. the downside is that california will lose eligibility for ten weeks of federal jobless benefits. the record dry year here in california means we could be facing drought conditions and restrictions on water use. officials with the state water resources control board issued a warning notice, letting farmers know they may have to cut back on water use this summer or fall, all in addition to revick shups already in place. let's bring in jeff ever, talking about the weather and the weekend and the heat. >> we're going to have something in here that's going to please everyone. in fact, if your temperature is not what you like in the bay area, it's going to be one of
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those weekends where you can get in your car and go 20, 30 minutes and you'll find what you want. currently dry, but we are going to be talking about the subtropical moisture. as we get a first look at the saturday forecast, not going to waste any time, gept you right into the first part of that weekend. it will start out cloudy at the coastline. maybe a good morning to sleep. in for the interior valleys, a little bit of stray cloud cover and upper 50s. by 11:00 a.m., sunshine, 70s by the bay and inland. on this friday, yes, almost the weekend. you can see it is clear in san jose. a little bit of bird action there on the sky camera network. it is hazy in palo alto. air quality is not too bad. again, that's a function of some of the moisture at the lower
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atmosphere. you can see the marine layer is present in san francisco. if you're headed there tonight, say from the east bay, expect fog. that could even create areas of drizzle. it's going to look very familiar here on saturday, thick fog, also drizzle. napa county also highlighted, even back towards contra costa. by the afternoon hours, widespread sunshine inland, fueling some of the warmer temperatures. if you're headed to the beaches, expect that cloud cover to linger all the way throughout the afternoon. daytime highs tomorrow, not going to nudge too much more than what we had today in the south bay. very tempered here, get the slight cooling wind off the bay, 88 in sunnyvale, down here away from that sea breeze, 91 in gilroy. locked into the east bay will be
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the most widespread hot air. no triple digits expected. but if you're in the son, it's going to feel like it. 94 in livermore, 92 in pleasanton. temperatures will drop, 74 in alameda. in downtown san francisco, it will feel like 70. if you're across the golden gate bridge, 86. expect these extremes to stay in place for this weekend. 90s inland, 60s at the coast. that area of high pressure fueling the heat going to bring up some humidity which again is going to bring us a possibility of showers. we're going to let this rain future cast go through from sunday to about wednesday of next week. watch this green fill-in across the sierra. because it is going to be that close, with instability, it's too close for me to not just put this chance here with thunderstorms in the forecast for monday, tuesday and wednesday for the bay area.
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it will be very stray if anything happens, but we'll watch it closely with that fire danger hang. tomorrow looks like the best day of the weekend. so make your plans now. >> so hour by hour forecast for us? >> it looks good for you. hour by hour. >> all day? >> it's friday. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, held captive for checks. new details about a hostage case that might have gone on for a decade. plus -- >> you may not know what they do for a living, but those who work here are among the happiest employees in the entire country. i'm scott budman at the silicon valley company that does the work/life balance best.
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a stunning captive case in texas. houston police discovered four elderly men held against their will in what they're calling a dunchen. they said they had been lured into the home with promises of food and cigarettes. police are investigating if the victims may have been held captive to cash in their veterans and social security checks. it's not clear how long they had been held in this home, but one hostage said it had been ten years. in health matters, no matter how much calorie information is on that menu, people pick food that they like, not what's healthier. that's what researchers said today. researchers looked at buying habits of more than 1,000 people who had lunch at a fast food restaurant. that restaurant posted the
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calories on the menu. researchers found that giving people calorie information did not stop them from ordering what they really wanted. researchers say it might be unrealistic for people to keep track of their daily calories when typing out. there are several apps for it. the best place to work in the by area, we have the answer next.
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full speed ahead for one of the hottest companies in the
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country. palo alto based tessla is expanding in the east bay, and what they're building is raising some eyebrows. today, they announced plans to buy 35 acres of land near its facility in fremont. the company is not saying if it will make more cars on this new land. there is speculation that it could be used to make a new test track. the ceo recently said its current facility is turning out more than 400 cars a week. if you're looking for a job, you probably want a good place to have good work/life balance. >> it's an issue we all talk about a lot. scott, we just added a gym here at the studio. >> yes, so we're doing much better. a survey released just today says of the 25 best companies that balance your job and your life best, five are here in the bay area. so we went for a visit. on a sunny friday afternoon, the
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campus in sunnyvale is pretty much an advertisement for why people come to work in silicon valley. there's an outdoor lunch area where employees get meal service. they'll even celebrate with balloons and ice cream today. maybe after the volleyball game. all reasons net app is near the top of the list of companies that manage work/life balance the best. >> it's a very relaxed environment. people are just focused on getting the job done. >> reporter: she says perks are nice, but it's more about the people. >> i do appreciate the flexibility where you get your drycleaning at work. on the flip side, though, there's more to life than drycleaning. you need to be able to set what's a priority for you, and have the flexibility to pursue those priorities.
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>> reporter: it's something companies say they take seriously. there's even a great place to work team on the campus. >> the perks and benefits are important and we do have great perks and benefits, but it's about what do the employees need, what can we do to support them and creating an environment that's really dynamic for them that they can have a voice and feel like they have an impact. >> reporter: yes, it's ultimately about networking storage here, with enough little touches to help those who work here bloom. the three companies we mentioned, all at their highest level in at least a year. so that's another thing to keep you happy if you're working there. >> we need a fountain. i like that. >> we have a ping-pong table. >> we do have a ping-pong table. our ball lams is good here, too. >> we are happy. >> thanks for joining us tonight. we hope to see you at 6:00. >> good night.
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on our broadcast, getting personal. an unusual moment at the white house. the president walks into the briefing room without notice before reporters were even seated because he had something very personal to say about trayvon martin and race in america. bankrupt. the startling decline of a once-prosperous american city. tonight what it's like to watch a place hit rock-bottom. record heat. llions deal with it for another hot day. while out west, it's beating a huge wildfire that is keeping thousands from going home. and great expectations. if london is this crazy now, what will it be like once the royal baby arrives? "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news," with brian williams.


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